Project Scope

Archive study

Although the Directorate of Ottoman Archives are open to public, they have been discussed in a limited environment. Yet these archives (despite all the efforts on cleaning) contain remarkable information on how that tried to erase a nation’s footprints with the governmental mechanisms.

Materials gathered by archive study will be used in our activities: social media study, exhibition, publication and web. Archive study will have an important role on identification of the contents of other activities. Archive study will be consisting of two main parts.

Archival Research Team

Cihangir Gündoğdu (PhD): He completed his graduate work in Bogazici University History Department and doctoral studies in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilisations Department of University of Chicago. He worked as a teaching assistant at the Istanbul Program of the same department. He taught History of Political Thought, and Anatolian and World Civilisations. He knows advanced level English, Ottoman Turkish, and Turkish, and intermediate level Persian, German and French.

Vural Genç (PhD): He completed his graduate studies at the Medieval History Department of Mimar Sinan University in 2007, and earned his PhD. from the History Department of the Social Sciences Institute of Istanbul University. Published work:Çaldıran from the Pens of Iranian Historians, BengiYayınları, Istanbul, 2011. He also co-wrote the Ottoman Policies in Dersim (1880-1913),KitapYayınevi, Istanbul, 2013 with CihangirGündoğdu.

Serhat Bozkurt: He completed graduate work at the General Sociology and Methodology Program of the Social Sciences Institute of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. happy wheels demo Some of this published articles are: “The Kurds and Settlement Policies from the Late Ottoman Empire to Early Republican Turkey: Continuities and Discontinuities (1916-1934)”, Iranian Studies: Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, Vol. 47, No. 5, s. 823-837.“Personal Records of Ahmed Süreyya Bedirhan”, Kurdish History, Sayı. 10, Aralık 2013-Ocak 2014, s. 52-52.

Sevan Demirciyan (PhD): Earned his PhD. from the Yerevan State University’s Department of Armenian Language and Literature. He works as an Armenian to Turkish translator and editor for several publications. He has participated in several projects conducted by the History Foundation.


On the 100th anniversary of exile of Armenians from Anatolia an exhibition will be set with the written and visual materials on exile. General concept of the exhibition will be based on the exile dairy pages in parallel with the concept of the project. Information and the documents gathered from the archive study will be presented in an experimental and emotional way supporting the informative aspect of the exhibition.


The main theme of the project, exile dairy of Armenians will be evaluated in publication activity to reach to a broader audience. Written and visual materials gathered in archive study will be used as the content of the publication. Also, letters of faculty members and authors who have conducted academic studies on this subject will be included in this publication. Visual materials of the exhibition will also be used in this publication.


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